The IASLC Multidisciplinary Approach to Thoracic Oncology

Harvey I. Pass, MD, Executive Editor

Giorgio V. Scagliotti, MD, Editor

David Ball, MD, FRANZCR, Editor

The IASLC is pleased to announce that the second edition of its signature textbook,IASLC Thoracic Oncology – 2nd Edition, is available for purchase.

The new edition of IASLC Thoracic Oncology updates large sections of the first edition of the textbook, which was released in 2014. In the interim, the science surrounding the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer and other thoracic malignancies has exploded, with significant changes occurring in genomic phenotyping, staging, histologic classification and immunotherapeutic treatment strategies. Ultimately, new or updated material represents over 50% of the second edition of the textbook, an appropriate percentage considering the wealth of new data that has recently come to light.

Readers can obtain a copy of IASLC Thoracic Oncology (2nd edition) by visiting Elsevier’s Bookstore

IASLC members are eligible to receive a 25% discount from the purchase price ($229.99) of the second edition. To obtain this discount, enter the following discount code at checkout: